First visit reservation

Flow to dating

From visit to setting

It will be a specific flow from visit to setting.

  1. 1 Visit reservation

    Visit reservation

    Please select the date and time you would like to visit from the member site.If you cancel your reservation, you can also cancel it from the member site.You can cancel your reservation by pressing the x on the right side of the reservation from the "Reserved list" at the bottom of the reservation page.
    *If there are seats available, you can check-in at the same time without a reservation.Please feel free to come directly to the store.
  2. 2 Check-in

    Enrollment procedure

    When you visit our store, please log in to the member site and present your membership card QR code from the menu screen.The staff will confirm and guide you to your seat.
  3. 3 Ordering drinks and calling staff

    Profile creation

    After entering the store, if you update the member site, the drink order menu will appear.Please click here to order drinks.All drinks are all-you-can-drink, including alcohol and soft drinks.Please press the bell button and the staff will come.
  4. 4 List of female members


    You can see the profile of women who are visiting us from the "top page" or "list of women" in the menu.If there is a woman you like, please register it as a "favorite".If you are not talking with other men, we will give you priority.In addition, it is also possible to view the profile of women who have not entered the store in the "Women list".
  5. 5 talk time


    Talk time is 1 minutes per woman.If you cannot go out, we will introduce a second person after an interval of 20 minutes.You can introduce up to 10 people. An extension fee will be charged for each person after the 2th person.

    【Prohibited matter】 ① Contact information exchange
    ② Negotiation of allowance
    ③ Entertaining behavior

    After the talk, please send us the feedback of the woman who set it up.
  6. 6 End of talk/going out confirmation
    After the talk, the staff will visit you and confirm your intention to go out.If you wish to go out with the woman who was talked about, the staff will confirm with the woman.
  7. 7 Payment/Going out
    When you go out or leave the store, we will settle the bill.You can use the following payment methods.

    ②Credit card
    ③ Transportation IC card (SUICA PASMO ICOCA etc.)

    When you go out with a woman, please give her a gratuity of 5,000 yen.
  8. 8 About Favorites
    An automatic e-mail will be sent when a woman who added it to her favorites makes a reservation or checks in.If you don't need this function, please let the staff know.
  9. 9 Concierge Service
    It is also possible to consult with the staff in the store about women at no additional charge, so please feel free to ask.

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