First visit reservation

Fee system

Entrance qualification

The following people are not allowed to enter the store.

  • Dress code: sandals, crocs, jerseys, sweatshirts, work clothes, tattoos or clothing that shows tattoos
  • one who is drunk
  • Those who do not understand the concept of our shop
  • Those who sexually harass or harass women
  • Those who are judged to be unsuitable by our store
  1. Prices

    UNIVERSELOUNGE requires membership registration.
    If you are a member who has already registered with Universe Club/THE SALON, we will provide some services.Please check the price list before registering.

    Male member

Price list

  • Admission fee※ 1


  • Admission fee※ 2


  • establishment fee※ 3

    from 11,000 JPY

  • Extension fee※ 4


  • Annual fee※ 5


  • All prices include tax
  • ※ 1

    THE SALON, Universe Club Black and Platinum classes are free, Gold class is 55,000 yen, and Standard class is 77,000 yen.In addition, even if you are a new user and have not used any of our services, you can use our service for free as a trial for the first time.

  • ※ 2

    90 minutes, talk for up to 3 people, all-you-can-drink drink (time may vary depending on the number of women visiting)

  • ※ 3

    If you talk with one woman and establish (going out or exchanging contact information), an additional establishment fee of 1 yen will be charged.

  • ※ 4

    30 minutes (time may vary depending on the number of female visitors)

  • ※ 5

    From the second year onwards, an annual membership fee will be charged for Universe Club and Universe Lounge.

Payment method

◎Cash, card payment (Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, Diners, Discover)

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • JCB
  • AmericanEx
  • Diners club
  • Discover

◎Transportation electronic money (Kitaca, Suica, PASMO, TOICA, manaca, ICOCA, SUGOCA, nimoca, Hayakaken)

  • Kitaca
  • Suica
  • nun
  • nimoca
  • Hayakaken

◎ Smartphone payment (Paypay)

  • paypay

Click here to book your first visit

Click here to book your first visit