First visit reservation

From visit to setting

From visit to setting

It will be a specific flow from visit to setting.

  1. 1 Visit reservation

    Visit reservation

    A big advantage of the lounge is that you can casually stop by.However, we can offer you greater value if you book through our membership site.
    Men also come to the store based on the reservation status, so the possibility of matching increases and there is no need to worry about running out of seats.
  2. 2 Check-in

    Membership card waiting room

    The QR code on the membership site is proof of being a lounge member.When you come to the store, please present the QR code to the staff from the "membership card" button.
  3. 3 Ordering drinks and calling staff

    Drink order/staff call

    All drinks are free and all-you-can-drink.In addition, you can feel free to place an order from the member site.

    In the lounge, you don't need to shout or raise your hand to call the staff.You can call it with one tap from the bell mark on the membership site.
  4. 4 List of male members

    List of male members

    Are you curious about what kind of men are visiting?In the lounge, you can always view the profile of the man who is visiting us on your smartphone.
    If you find a nice man, please add it to "Favorites".Increases your chances of being able to talk.
  5. 5 talk time

    Talk time

    Please check the feeling with the other party firmly in the talk time of 20 minutes.I look forward to exchanging contact information and negotiating benefits after going out.
  6. 6 Confirmation of feeling

    Confirmation of feeling

    If the man wishes to go out after the talk, the staff will ask you to confirm your intention to go out.If you don't want to go out with that man, of course you can decline.

    Confirmation of such intention to go out is all done through the staff, and the intention of the woman is respected.
  7. 7 out

    Go out

    If both of you wish to go out, we will meet at the entrance and go out.Please receive a gift of 5,000 yen or more from men.

    Meeting in the lounge may be a chance to expand your possibilities.Enjoy a nice date with a gentleman.

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