First visit reservation

Fee system

Entrance qualification

The following people are not allowed to enter the store.

  • Dress code: sandals, crocs, jerseys, sweatshirts, work clothes, tattoos or clothing that shows tattoos
  • one who is drunk
  • Those who do not understand the concept of our shop
  • Those who are judged to be unsuitable by our store
  1. Prices

    UNIVERSE LOUNGE new female member
    Universe Club female member
    THE SALON Female member

    admission fee, drink, food,Completely free

    Female member

  2. lounge type

    Please select the type you want when registering.You can change the type later, so please choose with confidence.

    • A-TYPE

      Start with your meal

      Basically, I would like to have a tea or dinner date.I don't want a relationship that includes a physical relationship.

    • B-TYPE

      I want to have fun with more than friends and less than lovers.

      I would like a casual relationship that is more than friends but less than lovers.

    • TYPE C

      A relationship like a lover. . .

      I hope to have a lover-like relationship, including a long-term relationship.

    • TYPE D

      Is this your lover yet?

      I hope for a relationship like a lover, not a dad activity.

Click here to book your first visit

Click here to book your first visit