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Men's member site function description

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    Visit reservation

    ・ You can see the number of male and female members visiting the store even if you have not checked in.
    ・ You can view the profiles of male and female members even if you have not checked in.
    ・You can see the number of reservations by date and time up to two weeks ahead.
  2. List of women

    Enrollment procedure

    ・ You can add male members to favorites and talk NG in advance.
  3. member ID

    Profile creation

    You can check the QR code and expiration date.
  4. talk list


    ・You can take notes of what you said before the talk, and what you said after the talk.
    ・After the talk, you can check whether the match was successful or not.
    ・You can send feedback after the talk.
  5. Visit reservation


    You can make a reservation for a visit up to two weeks in advance (you can also check that the reservation has been completed).
  6. My Profile


    You can upload up to 3 photos yourself.You can enter your own PR and hobbies.

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